About Us

Bel-Tech Construction is an expanded-services general contractor for wireless communications site construction. Our knowledgeable staff treats every project with the utmost care and diligence, and we are dedicated to a high standard of quality. We believe that with precise planning and care, every client project can be realized safely and accurately.

Our mission is to provide construction services that are performed safely, demonstrate a high standard of quality, and are conducted in a professional and friendly manner.

Founding Principles

  • Be committed to safety. Prevent accidents through proper training, top rated equipment, and a proactive attitude.
  • Every project is to be treated with the utmost care and attention in order to ensure that a high standard of quality is maintained throughout the company.
  • Lead the industry by example and strive to promote the spirit of innovation within the company and elsewhere in the industry.
  • Time lines to be adhered to as strictly as possible, and any delays will be promptly communicated to the necessary individuals.
  • Enhance the working relationship with each other and the client by being courteous, genuine, and sensitive.
  • Contain costs as much as possible for the company and the client, without compromising safety, quality, and the overall well-being of the industry.
  • Have fun while showing respect for each other.


Simi Karippal

Project Management Lead

Simi started her career in telecom as a drafting technician for a Canadian consulting firm. After gaining considerable technical knowledge, she transitioned seamlessly into the role of Project Manager. Simi possesses the confidence and skills to take on the most challenging jobs that the industry has to offer. She is in charge of working with clients in order to satisfy all of their requirements with the highest standard of quality. Outside of work, Simi volunteers with a local community cultural society, where she has served as treasurer. Simi also actively participates with local and international charitable organizations.

David A. Belfiglio, P.Eng.

General Manager

From an early age as a tower rigger, David has developed a passion for the telecommunications industry. David studied civil engineering at UBC, where he graduated with Distinction. Since then, David has been using his unique combination of field experience and design expertise to transcend the traditional limitations of the industry. David is a registered member with APEGBC, APEGA and SEABC. Outside of work, David is passionate about the outdoors, enjoys playing drums in an amateur band, and continues an ongoing pursuit of the quintessential sushi experience.